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Massachusetts Building Codes - Why You Need to Pay Attention to Them

Massachusetts Building Codes - Why You Need to Pay Attention to Them Who Is Your Building Inspector?
There's much more to building or remodeling than simply nailing a few boards together. Strict rules and guidelines have been set in place over the last decades that dictate the manner of construction on any jobsite, commercial or residential. Building codes vary from state to state and are often based on geographical factors. While it may be tempting to try to skirt around Massachusetts building codes, following them to the letter is important for a number of reasons. Saving money or time by ignoring them will almost certainly cost you big in the end, so understanding them is vital to a building project.
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The most obvious reason to follow all building codes is safety. Massachusetts building codes weren't put into effect to be a thorn in a homeowner or contractor's side. They were instituted to increase the level of structural safety in a building. Improper wiring can run the risk of causing electrical fires, a plumbing drain that is too narrow or lacks the right amount of fall can create huge problems in the bathroom or kitchen, and a deck improperly secured to a home can literally fall right off the house, creating a potentially fatal issue out of what was supposed to be a relaxing dinner party. Following codes ensures that these situations and countless other ones don't occur.

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Cost is the second reason you need to be aware of and follow all applicable Massachusetts building codes. It may seem like a time consuming, costly hassle to obey certain rules, but in the long run it will cost you more to ignore them. Building inspectors will almost always notice improper building methods. Depending on the type and location, you could lose days off your building schedule by having to redo a job correctly. In some cases the process can be massive, and in severe instances the entire job may be shut down or even condemned if certain building codes are ignored.

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Do I have to Pay For A Building Permit?
From proper foundations all the way to the right way to install insulation, Massachusetts building codes exist for the protection of the homeowner as well as the contractor who built the home. Even if you manage to evade detection during the building process, skipping over codes can come back to haunt you. If a plumbing problem floods a home or a support beam cracks because the load is too great for it, you'll be responsible for expensive repairs and maybe even legal action when it is discovered that you didn't abide by building codes. Simply put, you can't afford to ignore building codes. Doing so will cost you big.

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