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Basement Egress Systems: A Requirement Of The International Building Code

Basement Egress Systems - A Requirement Of The International Building Code Basement egress systems came about as a requirement of the International Building Code which is adopted throughout most of the United States of America. The code has a separate chapter on means of egress which basically means that a house or building must have a structure or a way of exit in case of emergencies like fires.

Basement egress systems usually consist of an egress well. An egress well is a structure that serves as an exit from the basement in case of emergencies. It has steps for easy exit. An egress well is usually made of polyethylene material that is durable and can withstand all kinds of weather. This type of material makes the egress well free from rust, rot or decay for at least ten years. An egress well of basement egress systems requires no maintenance. It can be easily installed whether as a singular or modular unit. An egress well can be an encasement 3 to 4 feet wide. The International Residential Code of 2006 requires that an egress well must be constructed if the window opening sill height is below the ground level. For egress well below 44", ladders or steps must be permanently attached to the well.

Basement egress systems also have an egress window well cover when closed can provide outdoor safety. It can support up to 500 pounds and prevent anyone or even a pet from falling into the well. The sturdy well cover is also light enough for a child to lift easily. The egress window well cover is usually made of polycarbonate material. The cover also prevents debris and weather from entering the well thus keeping it clean and beautiful. The cover also provides privacy. The 2006 IRC-International Residential Code requires that should bars, grills, covers and screens be used, it should be removable from the inside without the use of a key, tool or force greater than what is required for the normal operation of the escape and rescue opening.

Basement egress systems also consist of an egress window. It can be an in-swing or sliding type window and is usually made of vinyl material. The versatile window requires no maintenance at all and is rust-free. The 2006 IRC-International Residential Code requires that an egress window be installed if there's a bedroom in the basement or if the basement is to be part of the common living area. It also requires that the basement egress systems' window sill height be not more than 44". The minimum opening area should be more than 5.7 sq. ft. The minimum opening height should be greater than 24" while the minimum opening width be greater than 20".

Planning on installing one of the basement egress systems can be a worry-free home improvement project. Available resources are available throughout the internet. Examples of these are: The National Association of Remodeling Industry website for information downloads and answers to frequently asked questions. Certified siding and installer information can be accessed via The Vinyl Siding Institute website. BBB-accredited general or specialty contractors can be provided by The Better Business Bureau website.

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