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Concrete Core Drilling - A Necessary Job on Most Sites

Concrete Cutting and Core Drilling How Does Concrete Cutting and Core Drilling Make My Life Easier?
Construction involves numerous different tasks. Plumbing, electrical, roofing, and concrete work are only a handful of the most common jobs that combine to complete a construction project. There are many instances where a contractor or homeowner will find themselves facing a concrete core drilling project, especially when working on commercial jobsites or in finished or unfinished basements. With bits ranging in size from a half an inch in diameter all the way to seventy two inches, core drilling can be the perfect solution for a number of problems. Done correctly, the process will remove a perfectly round section of concrete in whatever size you need for the task.

How Do I Cut A Doorway or Window Thru My Concrete Foundation?
What is Emergency Basement Egress?
Concrete can be a hassle to work with. Attaching supports, studs, or other construction implements to it sometimes involves concrete core drilling as a way to embed anchors into the concrete itself. The core drill removes a section of concrete and the anchor is placed into the cavity. It is then filled, usually with an epoxy but occasionally with other materials. When the epoxy dries, the anchor is strong and capable of holding the load intended for it. The precise nature of embed anchor placements means that the holes need to be drilled exactly where they should be, so it's in your best interests to trust a skilled concrete drilling pro to handle the job.

What is a Basement Egress System?
How Do I add Concrete Stairs and A Bulkhead To My Basement?
Support anchors are only one problem that concrete core drilling can solve. New construction and remodeling jobs both often need materials to pass through a concrete wall, floor, or ceiling. Plumbing pipes, electrical conduit, and even large HVAC ducts may need to be ran through concrete in order to complete a job. Core drills are often situated on sturdy stands that allow precise holes to be drilled using bits large enough to allow even an air conditioning return to pass through them. Core drilling is quick when done by a professional, but an unskilled worker could take hours or days to drill a large hole.

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Be ready for dust when the drilling begins. A water spraying system is usually used during concrete core drilling, but dust will still be created. This dust can be harmful if breathed or got into the eyes, and your workers may need to work in another area until the drilling is completed. It may be a messy job, but there's no question that someone will have to do it. There is no better way to achieve quality results with concrete holes than a core drill.

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