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Concrete Cutting - The Solution to Numerous Problems

Concrete Cutting - The Solution to Numerous Problems Can I Cut My Basement Floor For A French Drain?
On a remodel job or fresh construction site, the task of cutting through concrete is often one that comes up. Especially on commercial jobsites or basement remodels, the concrete saws will often see plenty of use, whether using a wet or dry cut. There are number of issues or tasks that may call for concrete cutting and while all of them involve essentially the same process, slight changes in techniques and applications may be called for. Professional concrete cutters will know exactly how to achieve any goals that involve the process no matter how difficult or tricky they may seem at first glance.

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A common reason to cut concrete is during basement remodel jobs. Most basements are built upon a solid concrete slab, often with another material covering it. If a remodel job calls for the addition or relocation of a bathroom, kitchen, or bar, you'll likely need to move or place new plumbing pipes. In order to do so, there's a good chance that concrete cutting will be needed in order to saw trenches in the concrete floor that plumbing pipes and even electrical conduit can be ran inside of. This will be a difficult job that will be time consuming and laborious but is really the only option, especially if drain lines are needed.

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Poured walls can also create a problem during remodel jobs. Moving doorways or windows or placing new ones in a concrete wall will obviously require concrete cutting. Many existing concrete poured walls are often poured slightly inaccurate during new construction, creating a need to enlarge the openings in order to facilitate the window or door itself. The cut will need to be precise and not damage the structural integrity of the wall while making allowances for electrical conduit or plumbing pipes that may be encased inside the existing concrete. A skilled hand will make short work of this task.

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Occasionally, a design element is overlooked during the pouring of a monolithic slab or other type of concrete slab. Concrete will swell and contract over the months and years following its initial pour, and without narrow expansion joints it may crack tremendously under this pressure, resulting not only in unsightly splits and cracks but possibly even suffering structural issues. Using a concrete saw to slice these expansion joints into the concrete after it is poured will provide the necessary pressure release. While these are only a few of the most common needs for concrete cutting, there are countless more that will undoubtedly present themselves on a jobsite.
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