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Concrete Cutting Raynham MA   Concrete Cutting Raynham Massachusetts

Concrete Cutter Raynham MA      Concrete Cutter Raynham Massachusetts

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Concrete Cutting MA                      Concrete Sawing Raynham Mass

Concrete Cutting Raynham Mass Concrete Cutting Raynham Massachusetts    

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With the vertical-faced concrete mixing machine, the special facing is put on by the use of a parting plate. When the parting plate is removed, the two mixtures of concrete are bonded together by tamping the coarser material into the facing mixture. The foundation parts can be attached for making any length of block up to 6 feet. The illustration shows two moulds of different lengths attached. These machines are constructed of iron and steel, except that the pallets (the plates on which the blocks are taken from the machine) may be either wood or steel. This type of machine is the horizontal or facedown machine. Another machine of the face-down type is shown in Fig. 150. This machine, the Ideal, is simple in construction and operation; they are portable, which makes them convenient to operate. In making blocks with this machine, the cores are removed by means of a lever, while the block is in the position in which it was made. The mould and block are then-turned over, and the face- and end-plates are released, and the block removed on the pallet. In Fig. 151 are shown a group of the various concrete forms which may be made.

The figure also illustrates the facility with which concrete may be utilized for ornamental as well as structural purposes. Fig. 152 shows a machine for making cement brick. Ten bricks, 2- by 3-i- by 8 inches, are made at one operation. By using a machine in which the bricks are made on the side, a wetter mixture of concrete can he used than if they are made on the edge. The concrete usually consists of a mixture of 1 part Portland cement and 4 parts sand. The curing of these bricks is the same as that for concrete blocks. In making these bricks, a number of wooden pallets are required, as the brick should not be removed from the pallet until the concrete has set. It becomes necessary sometimes to wash dirty sand when clean sand can be secured only at a high cost, while the dirty sand can be easily obtained. If only a small quantity is to be washed, it may be done with a hose. A trough should be built about 8 feet wide and 15 feet long, the bottom having a slope of about 19 inches in its entire length. The side should be about 8 inches high at the lower end, and increase gradually to a height of about 36 inches at the upper end. In the lower end of the trough, should be a gate about 6 inches high, sliding in guides so that it can be easily removed. The sand is placed in the upper end of the trough, and a stream of water is played on it.

The sand and water flow down the trough and the dirt passes over the gate with the overflow water. With a trough of the above dimensions, and a stream of water from a 1 inch hose, three cubic yards of sand should be washed in an hour. Concrete mixers are often used for washing sand. The sand is dumped into the concrete mixer in the usual manner, and the water is turned on. When the concrete mixer is filled with water so that it overflows at the discharge end, the concrete mixer is started.. By revolving the concrete mixer, the water is able to separate the dirt from the sand, and it is carried off by the overflow of water. When the water runs clear, the washing is completed, and the sand is dumped in the usual way. When large quantities of sand are required to be washed, special machinery for that purpose should be employed. In actual construction work, the cost of concrete forms is a large item of expense and offers the best field for the exercise of ingenuity.

For economical work, the design should consist of a repetition of identical units; and the concrete forms should be so devised that it will require a minimum of nailing to hold them, and of labor to make and handle them. Concrete forms are constructed of the cheaper grades of lumber. To secure a smooth surface, the planks are planed on the side on which the concrete will be placed. Green lumber is preferable to dry, as it is less affected by wet concrete.

Are You in Raynham Massachusetts? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

We Are Your Local Concrete Cutter

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We Service Raynham MA and all surrounding Cities & Towns


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