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Concrete Cutting - A Complex, Difficult Task

Concrete cutting - Concrete Wall For A Window in My Basement Can I Cut the Concrete In My Basement Myself?

The world of construction is filled with many different job duties. From carpenters to electricians, everyone plays a vital role in completing a project. One of the most difficult but necessary jobs on a construction site is that of concrete cutting. You may find yourself facing the need to cut through concrete for a variety of reasons, from enlarging openings in an already poured wall to simply cutting relief joints in a large slab to help avoid cracking. No matter what type of cutting job you need, it can be a tricky endeavor that is often beyond the capabilities of those who are inexperienced at the task.

How Do I Cut A Concrete Wall For A Window in My Basement?
How Much Does it Cost to Cut A Window into My Concrete Wall?
Concrete cutting is practically impossible without the right tools. A heavy duty angle grinder may work for small projects, but serious jobs will require a concrete saw. These may look at first like large circular saws, but using one properly involves skill and experience. Without both of these, a straight, professional looking cut is practically impossible to achieve. Additionally, the saw and the blades needed to cut through concrete are an expensive investment. Proper techniques will ensure better cuts and longer life of the tools and the high priced diamond blades used on them.

There is No Dust and Very Little Mess!
We use the Latest State of the Art Dustless Concrete Cutting Techniques!
Dust is no longer an inevitable side effect when cutting through concrete. If the wrong company performs the job then concrete cutting can fill a jobsite with a cloud of concrete dust that is practically impossible to escape from, and even small jobs can create a huge cloud. This dust can be harmful to the eyes, lungs, and skin. Our solution is to use wet concrete cutting techniques, which helps keep the dust level at a minimum but carries its own problems such as electrical hazards and added skills in order to produce a quality cut safely. The skills of a professional concrete cutter can take years to master, but are unmistakable when seen in action.

How Can I Cut The Concrete For A Door or Window in My Basement?
Are the Cuts Nice and Clean? Are They Perfectly Plumb and Square?
There are many other facets to concrete cutting that are easily overlooked. Electrical conduit and plumbing pipes are commonly encased in slabs or even poured walls, creating hazards for the cutter. Diamond blades designed to saw through concrete will slice these implements like a hot knife through butter and create serious problems for everyone involved. In short, while it may seem like the task is as simple as pushing a concrete saw through concrete, the hard truth is that cutting concrete can be one of the most difficult, time consuming, and specialized jobs on a construction site.

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