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Basement Entry System: Opening Possibilities For The Basement

Basement Entry System: Opening Possibilities For The Basement A basement entry system is constructed for the purpose of having access to the basement from the outside of the house or building. The basement is usually where the heating system, water heater, fuse box and air conditioning system are placed. Most of the time, it is also transformed to be a part of the common living area.

A basement entry system provides an access point for easy moving of huge appliances, bulky furniture, and electronics and game tables. It is also the entry point of repairmen to the heating or air conditioning system for repairs. Having a separate entrance for the basement minimizes traffic and prevents damages to walls and floors in the main house.

A basement entry system consists of precast concrete stairwell and usually a sloped pre-fabricated bulkhead door. The installation usually takes a few hours only because everything has been prepared beforehand. A hole is dug where the precast stairwell is secured to the foundation. The excavation is then filled up and the bulkhead door is secured into place on top of the stairway.

A basement entry system must be installed by a professional so that snow, hail, rain, wind, sleet and flood water will not get in the basement through the structure. An improperly done basement entrance will just create problems later on.

A basement entry system is easy to operate. Opening and closing the bulkhead door requires minimum effort. It is also requires minimal maintenance. And more importantly, it provides an easy access during emergencies.

With the basement entry system, the basement can be converted into something else rather than just being an area for the heating, air conditioning and electrical systems.

The basement can be remodeled to become an office. With the present trend where more and more people prefer to work at home, the basement can be a great option for a home office. Since it is a separate part of the house, the quietness and professionalism of an office can still be attained. Guests need not pass through the main house to get to the office. They can use the basement entrance.

Also, the basement can be converted into a recreation room. Pool table can be placed in the basement. A nice stereo system can be installed. It can also be converted into a project room where one can do handicrafts, scrapbooks and journals. Friends can use the basement entrance instead of the main house entrance.

The basement can also be converted into a laundry room, a guest room, a bedroom for the teenage kid, a workshop room for the man of the house or just a storage room where seasonal stuff can be kept. For additional income, the basement can be transformed into an apartment for rent. The separate entrance gives the tenant privacy. The money from rental can help pay the mortgage or be used to help settle other bills.

Installing a basement entry system is a great idea because it can open up a wealth of possibilities for the basement. However, one must make sure that only a professional installs such a structure.

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