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Basement Entry System: Its Advantages and Disadvantage

A basement entry system is used as entrance to a basement A basement entry system is used as entrance to a basement. A basement is a part of a house or a building that consists of one or more floors that is below the ground floor. It is usually common in places with moderate climate and very rare in places where flooding usually occurs. The basement is usually used as a storage space and has its own entrance.

A basement entry system is a precast unit that includes the stairwell, the wall and the bulkhead top that provides exterior entrance to the basement. The bulkhead top or the basement door covers the stairwell and is angled to keep the rain from accumulating in the staircase.

A basement entry system can be installed by digging and installing the precast wall and stairs. The precast wall and stairwell will then be bolted through the foundation of the house or building. The excavation will then be refilled up to the top of the stairs. And lastly, the bulkhead top or door will be installed.

An advantage of a basement entry system is that it can save time and money during construction. The stairwell and wall are already precast and the door is also pre-fabricated. Installation can be done easily. Another advantage is that with the basement entry system, security is increased because the doors are made of steel and have solid locking systems. Steel doors are more long lasting than wooden or plastic doors. They do not warp or swell during damp weather unlike wooden doors. They are also easy to install as most steel doors come with adjustable frames that can fit anywhere.

Another advantage is that a basement entry system comes with size specific doors. There are available door models that vary in size. A customer can choose which his/her preferred door size. The system can be mounted anywhere around the foundation and have torsion systems that enable the doors to open and close easily.

One disadvantage of a basement entry system is that the door can leak. To prevent doors from leaking, the foundation must be clean and dry before installation because the bulkhead entry system will not adhere to the foundation if it's dirty and wet. Caulking must also be done properly to prevent water from seeping through the caulk. Damaged doors due to abuse and misuse can also cause door leaks thus it is important that doors be taken care of. The door frames must be of standard shape: square. Other door frame shapes leave extra spaces on the top and bottom of the door panels where water can pass through. Gutters that leak on the basement door must be cleaned and maintained semi-annually as this can also cause the bulkhead door to leak. Bushes and trees should be kept 2 to 3 feet away from the door for the air to freely flow and dry the area after the rain or snow. Debris or anything that holds water should be kept away from the door because this will result to premature rust and holes in the door.

A basement entry system must be installed by a professional company because it has experience and has the necessary equipments and tools in doing the job right the first time.
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