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Three Reasons to Restore and Replace the Basement Entry Door

Three Reasons to Restore and Replace the Basement Entry Door The basement entry door has a lot of uses besides serving as the entry to the basement. The basement may not seem as important as the other parts of the house but it has its purpose. Besides storing those unwanted furniture, some family uses it as a protection during hurricanes or tornadoes. Either ways, it is important to maintain it especially the basement entry door.

Most basement doors are located outside. It is often connected with a stair that goes down the main basement room. The doors are often pulled upwards, like a lift-type. The basement entry door is often prone to early deterioration. The harsh elements such as the weather can cause damage to it that can accumulate overtime. Basement entry door that is made of wood is often times the most vulnerable type.

Replacing the basement entry is not as hard as it seem. In fact, it serves three of its important purposes:
  • Protecting the basement and its content from moisture and rot. Having a sturdy and reliable basement entry door can help decrease the moisture in the basement. Moisture is one of the main causes of early deterioration of furniture. Moisture can also lead to growth of unwanted mold or mildew. These can damage the furniture especially antique ones that are very expensive.
  • Protects the basement and all valuable contents from thieves. Most thieves will try to enter the most vulnerable part of the house. That means if the basement entry door is not well secured, it is prone to break-ins. To ensure the safety of the family and certain valuables, replacing it with a stronger and more protective door will keep thieves from stealing any of your possessions.
  • Protects the family and the basement from extreme weather condition. A strong basement door is essential when facing extreme weather conditions. In some parts of the state, they use the basement as a place to take cover during hurricanes and tornadoes. That's why it's important to make sure that it is strong enough to protect the family during these unfortunate circumstances.
These are the three main reasons why the basement entry door should be replaced. There are other minor reasons why it has to be replaced. One is to make the house aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. It wouldn't be impressive to see the whole house beautifully painted and the basement door looking like it is part of another's house.

When replacing it, it is important to take into consideration the foundation where the door is to be placed. It must be strong, reliable and free from any serious cracks. The kind, type and design of the door should also be thought about. The door chosen should meet the needs of the family and its purpose.

It is advisable to not wait until it is too late to replace it. Remember that it may not be the place where most guests will wander into but it is nonetheless important. Keeping it free from damage and neglect will ensure that it will serve its purpose well. The basement entry door should always be a secured and reliable part of the house.

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