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Basement Entry System: Tips In Choosing A Door

Basement Entry System: Tips In Choosing A Door A basement entry system is a structure where the basement is accessed from the outside of the house or building. It is also known as walk-up basement. One has to go through a bulkhead door which is angled so that rain will not seep through the basement. A stairwell leads down to the basement.

A basement entry system consists of the pre-cast walls and stairway, and a pre-fabricated steel door. It is installed by a professional because improper installation can cause rainwater to flood the basement.

In a basement entry system, a hole is dug where the entrance of the basement will be. The precast walls and stairway are installed and pinned to the foundation of the house or building. The hole is filled and the angled bulkhead door is positioned to cover the stairway.

A basement entry system provides easy means of entry to the basement. It can also be an escape route during emergencies. It lessens unnecessary traffic through the house or building because the basement door serves as another point of entry or exit.

Although the basement entry system will be done by a professional, a homeowner or building owner must consider the following tips:

First, choose the type of bulkhead door to be used prior to construction. This will give better options in the choice of door. If construction has started then there may not be enough time to shop for the door. One may not be getting the best because of time constraints.

Second, determine which of the door types is better. One can choose between a horizontal / angled, or vertical bulkhead doors depending on the practicability. A horizontal or angled door can be used if there is already an existing concrete that exceeds beyond the basement stairs. If the ground is flat then a basement door with built-in sides can be used. A vertical door is practical if one is planning to use the basement frequently.

Third, the basement entry system's door must be rust-proof because the door will be exposed to harsh weather conditions. A steel door is a practical choice.

Fourth, the bulkhead door must fit the entrance perfectly to prevent rainwater from seeping through the door.

Fifth, the bulkhead door must be easy to open because this basement door can be used as exit door during emergencies. Also, make sure that the door does not pose as a health hazard. It must lock into place when open so that it does not accidentally fall down or close.

Sixth, the door must have a solid locking system to prevent burglars from gaining access to the house. A bolt lock can be used.

Seventh, for aesthetic purposes the door choice can be painted to match the color of the décor or the overall theme of the house.

Eight, the door must be compatible with the side wall of the house because it will lean on it.

Ninth, if the basement area is used as part of the common living area then it is best to install another door at the foot of the stairwell. This will prevent warm air getting out of the basement and cool air from entering through the bulkhead door at the top of the stairway.

A lot of factors must be considered in installing a basement entry system. Great care should be observed in the planning and more importantly, installation should be done by a professional.

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