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Tips on How to Install a Basement Egress Window

Tips on How to Install a Basement Egress Window A basement egress window is one important part of the house. This does not only serve as a decoration or a source of light but also as a safety precaution. These egress windows serve as an escape route for the family during fires. This is important because a lot of people can't unfortunately escape during these incidents due to lack of escape routes in their home. Installing a basement egress window takes time and effort to make. A person should consider a lot of factors in order to maximize its function. Here are the steps and tips you can try when trying to install one in your home:
  • The first thing to consider before installing a basement egress window is its location. Take note that installing this requires putting a hole in your home. So consider how it would look like from the outside and if it can get sufficient light to the basement. Make sure that there are no obstacles inside that can hinder it from being installed.
  • A hole is going to be formed on the wall. So it is important that there are no electrical wires, water pumps or other items that might be affected once this is installed. If unsure, then it's the time to seek a help of a professional.
  • After assessing and surveying the surroundings, the next thing to do is to dig that hole. Make sure that the foundation is strong enough to provide support to the basement egress window. Make sure to make the correct or accurate measurement. It would be a big inconvenience to dig a hole too big for the window. That is why it is best to make an outline on it on the wall prior to digging.
  • Start making a hole from the inside. A tool is needed to properly drill on it. Afterwards, a special blade can be used to cut through the opening. Do this from the outside to have the desired hole. Take note that basement walls have different thickness. Some may be easy but others may not be easy to put a hole into.
  • The next step in installing a basement egress window is the frame. Start building the window frame. Make sure it is built with 2 by 6 or 2 by 8 boards. Use a screw with at least 3 inches length to fasten the frame to the foundation. Once it is properly screwed, seal it properly.
  • Once the frame has been installed correctly, it is now time to put in the windows. Secure the windows properly to the frame. Screw it properly and check for any gaps. If there are no gaps then the basement egress window is finished. Those windows that have gaps or spaces can use caulk to fill it in.
Installing this window can be done alone though it would provide a challenge. But for those who do not have any idea on how to make their own egress window, it is advisable for them to have a professional to look into it. They can survey your home and recommend a good spot for them to install the basement egress window properly.
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