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Basement Emergency Egress System: A Must for Basement

Basement Emergency Egress System: A Must for Basement

Safety is the foremost reason why a basement emergency egress system is installed. It is a way of exit from the basement and is required by the International Residential Code.

A basement emergency egress window can be used as a fast and easy way to evacuate from the basement during emergencies like fires. The Internal Residential Code of 2006 requires that the window sill should not be more than 44 inches above the floor. The minimum net opening height should not be less than 24 inches while the minimum net opening net should not be less than 20 inches. For basements the required net clear opening should be more than 5.7 square feet.

A basement emergency egress window can also provide abundant natural light and fresh air. Natural light adds beauty to the basement room. There are also egress window wells that provide an area to put the plants for a beautiful view from the basement.

A basement emergency egress window can also enhance the interior design of the basement room. The basement can be made into a common living area with the installation of the egress window. The basement can be turned into a bedroom, an exercise room, a recreational room or even an office. Once converted the basement room can double the living area.

A basement emergency egress window also adds value to the home. It is now a requirement under the International Residential Code of 2006 to install an egress window in the basement for emergencies like fires.

A basement emergency egress window well is a structure that allows anybody to climb safely out of the basement during emergencies. Most window wells today are made of polyethylene, a material with ultra-violet inhibitors, and resistant to weathering. A window well has a ladder permanently attached to it if the well is deeper than 44 inches, as per International Residential Code requirement. Some window wells also have tiers where plants can be put to add to the aesthetic beauty of the basement. It also allows natural light to the basement to improve living conditions. It also comes in different shapes and designs.

An egress window cover can keep the rain, snow and debris from the well to keep it clean and beautiful. Clear covers can still allow natural light to come into the basement. International Residential Code requires that such covers be easy to open without a key and does not require any tool or great force to open. Most egress window cover now is made of lightweight polycarbonate material yet it is sturdy enough to prevent anybody or even a pet of up to 500 lbs from falling into the well.

A basement emergency egress system is now a necessity for houses and buildings with basements especially if such is converted into habitable living spaces because safety is the primary concern of the International Regional Code of 2006. In cases of emergencies like fire, anybody in the basement room must be able to come out of the room safely.

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