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Basement Bathroom Remodeling - A Great Way to Improve Your Home

Basement Bathroom Remodeling - A Great Way to Improve Your Home Can I Cut My Concrete Basement Floor For Plumbing?
One of the most common complaints among homeowners is that they don't have enough space. Whether their family has outgrown their house or they've acquired more furniture than they have room for, square footage is constantly an issue for a homeowner. An often overlooked area of the home that can provide great space for your family to use as they wish is in the basement. Many basements are unfinished spaces used for little more than storage, but with a bit of effort you can transform that space into livable rooms that you can love. From setting up a family room or office to undergoing a major basement bathroom remodeling project, your basement holds a bounty of untapped potential.

Do I Need A Building Permit in Mass to Add a Basement Bathroom?
Can I Remodel My Basement Bathroom to Add a Stand Up Shower?
Entertainment rooms, man caves, offices, family rooms, bedrooms, and more are all great possibilities in your basement. But nobody wants to travel all the way upstairs when they need a quick bathroom break, so be sure that you spend time considering basement bathroom remodeling when you design your renovations. Most basement bathrooms are dreary, almost frightening places. Bare concrete floors or walls aren't uncommon, and are far from inviting. A great basement remodel is only as good as the bathroom, so don't overlook it. That said, you should also be ready for a challenge when you begin to remodel a basement bathroom.

What Is The Cost of Adding A Basement Bathroom?
How Much Should I Budget For A Basement Bathroom Remodeling Project?
If your basement is like the majority of homes, it is likely built on a solid concrete slab. These slabs are great for strength, but horrible when it comes to basement bathroom remodeling. Remodeling can be so challenging that in fact, that you probably need to talk to a professional builder before you even begin your bathroom remodel. There are plenty of options that are simple enough to complete in a bathroom such as new walls, new plumbing fixtures like sinks, showers and toilets, and even new floor covering. But if you want to relocate a tub or toilet, the job gets much more involved.

Can I Use Concrete Cutting To Put A Trench in For A Plumbing Drain?
How Do I Add A Plumbing Drain For My Basement Bathroom?
To move that sink to the other wall or switch the toilet and shower locations around you'll probably find yourself facing the need to cut into the concrete floor. In some cases the plumbing pipes may be inside a wooden frame wall, but most drains will be below the floor. It isn't impossible to move plumbing pipes around in a concrete slab, and most professionals can cut into the concrete and make the changes without too much trouble. Still, it is important to consider just what you want from your basement bathroom remodel before you start. Remodeling a basement bathroom can provide a unique touch you're sure to love. It's always worth doing.

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